The unique website which offers to professionals of textile all the information about garments from the beginning, the sketches, to the production, and the shipping.

What is Mouvtex ?

Mouvtex is dedicated to designers, brands, shops of Prêt-à-Porter industry : garments, accessories, but also home textile and professional garments. if you search a textile production, you will find a selection of suppliers in Europe, but also in Asia, in the Maghreb countries, in Egypt and in Turkey.

Our Services


Find the supplier who has the ability to provide the product which you need in choosing by country, product, gender, style, minimum of order, material, content.


Get your products at the best price in working with the supplier who will be able to follow exactly your requests as the number of sizes, of colors, the lead time.

End Products

Discover end products in the quantities, the sizes, the colors.. corresponding to your needs with all the information about product specifications and order terms.

Service Providers

To transport, to control, to find an agent for your products in different countries and so to get the best services.

Recent News

Mon Mar 12 2018

Mouvtex Team at ASIA APPAREL EXPO BERLIN – 22 / 24 February 2018

At Asia Apparel Expo in Berlin, you can source production and supply from Asian manufacturers. You meet experienced clothing, fashion accessory working with European companies on finished garments, contract manufacturing and private label development.

Mon Mar 12 2018

Mouvtex Team at MODA BIRMINGHAM – 18 / 20 February 2018

The Autumn / Winter edition of Moda has closed its doors following 3 days of inspirational collections and a steely resilience across all sectors of the trade.

Mon Mar 12 2018

Mouvtex Team at APPAREL SOURCING – A clever presentation of offers for sourcing clothing according to country has proved successful.

The Paris shows organised by Messe Frankfurt France from 11 to 14 February welcomed 13,606 visitors, in other words a very steady result compared with February 2017, which demonstrates their appeal and draw as business platforms.

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Our Advantages


The search of suppliers in textile

It can be made according to several criteria : by countries, by contents, by products, by styles, etc.

The specific textile sourcing

Your collection has a specific style : casual, citywear, jeanswear, or trendy, the factory you search will be in the manufacturers list that will be displayed. But if you wish to change your style or develop your collection with ceremony products, wedding wear or maternity wear, you will find these styles on our website. To complete your sketches, accessories suppliers, as caps, hats, scarves, gloves, will offer you also their productions. You can select the gender between babies, children, women and men.

The range of textiles

The range of products is wide because it can be done by knitted products : tee-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts. There is also a choice in knitwear with sweaters and cardigans. The pieces in woven fabric can be in light fabric for shirts, skirts, dresses or pants, but also in heavy fabric for coats, jackets or parkas..

It can be technic fabrics for jogging suits, swimsuits, lingerie or underwear.

The proposed materials are basics, cotton, denim, polyester, wool or more luxurious, silk, cashmere, linen and also pelts and furs. But organic garments are not forgotten.